1)Anybody of ANY Fitness Level can spin! Please do not feel intimadated as you control your ride! You control the resistance and speed! If you are more comfortable, please attend the INTRO Class on Sundays. This 20 minute class will familiarize you with the bike, console and the various positions that you will be able to try when you feel ready. It will give you a good idea on what you can expect (ie saddle soreness) and show you exactly how you can modify the class to your fitness level. It will de-mystify spinning and give you the confidence and knowlegde to attend a full class!  WE ALL WERE BEGINNERS AT ONE TIME! Stick with it and try different instructors! You can also try a split class. These classes feature, a shorter cycling class coupled with a toning portion off the bike! 


2)Reservations: Evolution ByCycle does not require a reservation, however, by doing so we hold a bike for you, AND psychologically commit you to working out! Remember, you can reserve up to one-week in advance and you can cancel with no penalty anytime up to 6 hours in advance. Please remember to sign in. 


3) Wait list system: If a class is sold out, you can add your name to the online wait list and you will receive an email if a space clears (which often happens). Note: once you receive that email, you are automatically added to the class, there is no need to confirm. However, if you cannot make it, you will need to cancel or contact us, so you are not charged for a ride.


4) Bring a Guest:Our system allows you to book a cycling class reservation for a friend and charge them to your account. Please note, your guest will need to fill out a waiver when they arrive at the studio.


5) Connecting. We love to hear from you. Please feel free to post on our FACEBOOK PAGE or on TWITTER or even better, email us your comments and/or song suggestions to


6) Parking. There is parking outside the Fields.  We are located inside The Fields Sports Complex. We are upstairs on the 2nd floor. When you enter the front door, make a right and go to the far corner of the open space (fencing area) to find the stairs. We are upstairs. Please note, there is not a restroom upstairs, please use the bathroom in the waiting area or around the vending machine. 

7) Bike set up. Please ask any instructor to get you set up properly on the bike. It makes the class safer and more comfortable!


8) Cycling Shoes. If you ride with cycling shoes, the Schwinn bikes accept 'SPD' clip- ins. Regular sneakers will also work in the the toe cages.


9) Smartphone App. Yes, we have a Evolution ByCycle 'app' for your iPhone or Android. Just click the links to visit the app store and download it to your phone or tablet. From your phone you can book classes, cancel classes, purchase rides, check your account and more! Note: waitlist function is not available in app. 


10) Families can share ride cards!. Just let us know and we can "link" your ride card to others in your household so reservations for all members will be charged to the family ride package!


11) Weather Policy: During inclement weather, any cancellations are instantly noted on the website. Please check the online schedule to see if a class has been cancelled.


12) Storage: We have cubbies for your belonging inside the cycling studio.